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AV Buildup company is all about giving back to the community to train, build and develop the individual with new skills set, knowledge and experiences in the audio visual world. However we also want to help the company or managed service contract to grow and deliver better result using knowledge and skills available from industry experts.


Business Meeting

Short List, Identify Talent and Interview

Given our background and being industry expert and worked across various roles within the AV industry. We have tons of skills under our belt with the ability to source and find the right candidate to fit within your team. Contact us to understand how we can help you find that right individuals based on skills set and job requirement.


Statistic designs

Evaluate, Analyse and Create Opportunities

Our Team has wealth of knowledge and experience taking a small team department increasing revenue, work productivity and size of business operation. There is always ways to diversify and increase opportunities with the team and seek new avenue within existing contract to create potential revenue.


Working Together

Accelerate & Push Boundary

Start Up company grow to certain point until limit reached. The logical step is to grow beyond this point but how? This where our company can run full diagnostic of the current infrastructure,  evaluate, understand new requirement and present way to grow the company to that next level increasing operation, staff resource, revenues and business opportunities.

Specialist Service: Services
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